Dear Class,

I know you are excited as I am for our new room in 2018! I want it to be perfect for you. Here is just a glimpse of what it looks like. Comment letting me know if you have any ideas or things you want to see!

Have a very Merry Christmas class! Thank you for making my 2017 so wonderful.

Christmas Concert

Friday December 22nd 10:50-11:50 we will be having our Christmas Concert!
The grade 4's have been practicing their dance and beautiful singing voices. Please help them practice, we are working on singing loudly and memorizing the moves!

Angel Tree

Sent to be the Good News has inspired us to help others in our community. As a school we have begun the Angel Tree tradition of supporting students in our sister schools so that they will have a gift to open at Christmas. Our class has created our own goal of being able to help out 9 Angels from the tree! To do so the students have come up with some acts of kindness that they can do at home to help raise money that will go towards removing some Angels from the tree.  Some ideas: shoveling, taking the dog for a walk, helping their sibling, and taking out the garbage. If you are interested in helping us please have your child EARN the money through helping out!

What time is it? TEST TIME!

We are having a math test on Tuesday November 28th. I am sending everyone home with a math test review tonight to work on over the weekend and prepare for Tuesday.
The test will focus on:
- telling time to the nearest minute (have students tell you exactly what time it is using an analog clock)
- questions about elapsed time (example: If Miss. Devine goes to the grocery store at 6:30 pm and shops for 40 minutes, at what time will Miss. Devine leave the grocery store?).
We have a Math Test on Friday! I am sending students home with a test review sheet. If they have any questions please have them bring the sheet in for us to work on before Friday!
The test is based on: Analyzing graphs and data sets (with a focus on mode, range, and median).


Today we started our new unit in Math!